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Real estate transactions as high-value jobs (land parcels, apartments, houses) require a professional approach and attention, especially strict adherence to legal regulations on the form when compiling legal documents, advising clients on all aspects of legal transactions, as well as implementation in land registers. Legal services include representation and counseling regarding inheritance of real estate, registration of condominium, division of co-ownership, division of marital property on real estate, court proceedings to determine the right of ownership of real estate, settlement of property relations on real estate…).


Each contract should be adjusted to the parties, their specific legal situation and their needs. The contract should be detailed, in order to avoid litigation. Modern contract law accepts the principle of informality, which means that the contract is concluded as soon as the parties have agreed on its essential elements, but the law requires some contracts to be concluded in a certain form. One of the narrower specialties of this law office is composition of different types of contracts (sale and purchase, donation, division of co-ownership, exchange, construction, rental, lease, lifetime support, and other contracts according to the client’s needs and requirements).


The law office provides the services of founding companies (drafting of statutes, statements of incorporation, company contracts), and consulting in various areas of the company’s work, with the possibility of contracting legal aid in a fix sum (monthly), which includes providing legal opinions necessary for protection of the company’s interests, assistance in the preparation of the realization of jobs, having regular consultations as needed by clients, and contacting state and other institutions. We also perform liquidation of companies, representation in bankruptcy proceedings, and representation of legal entities in court proceedings in the Commercial Courts.


If someone owes you a certain amount of money, you can realize your claim in several ways. Our Law Office provides the services of drafting a request for enforcement on the basis of an authentic document (invoice) submitted to a notary public, representation in court, conducting out-of-court enforcement proceedings (blocking of accounts, ie transfer of debtor’s funds through the Financial Agency), collection through debentures, blank debentures and other debt collection means, as well as enforcement through the courts; enforcement on: real estate, movables, salaries, etc.


The damage can be of a property nature and is manifested in the diminution of someone’s property, the prevention of its increase (lost benefit) and the violation of personality rights (non-property damage). Harmful events can be various, and in the practice of a law office the most common cases through which we seek compensation for our clients are damages from traffic accidents, injuries at work, damages due to bodily injury, annuity payments, damages and other cases in which there are elements for liability for damages. Services include representation in proceedings at insurance companies, making out-of-court settlement, and representation in court litigation for damages.


Realization and protection of the client’s legal interests

Individual approach to each

Finding the best possible solution for the client